What steps are to be taken for the person who do activities which are against the laws of home inspection ?

I am delighted that Mr Frank Cushnahan has agreed to serve as Chairman for another two years. Mr Cushnahan’s re-appointment will continue to bring stability, continuity of knowledge and experience and strong leadership to the Board following its reconstitution in New Home Inspection January 2005. I wish him every success in the post.A 0,000 road scheme has commenced on the A5 Derry Road, Strabane, within the town limits. A section of the trunk road, 650 , between the northern end of the bypass at its junction with the B72 Derry Road and the Woodend Road will be resurfaced and part reconstructed.

The condition of the carriageway has deteriorated significantly over recent months and resurfacing is required.A right-turning lane will be provided to Glenside housing estate and the footways resurfaced. The opportunity will also be taken to .Every effort will be made to minimise traffic disruption, however traffic delays are anticipated and motorists are asked to approach these works with care and attention. The works will take eight weeks to complete and Roads Service ask the travelling public to observe the traffic control measures and for their patience during these necessary maintenance works.

During October, DRD Roads Service will carry out a series of traffic counts and parking surveys in Strabane. These surveys will be used to inform a transport study for Strabane that will consider medium-term transportation options for the town.Roads Service has planned the surveys carefully to minimise inconvenience to residents, businesses and visitors.

It is envisaged that surveys, to observe and record traffic and parking patterns, will use methods which should not affect traffic flows. appreciate the co-operation of the travelling public throughout the duration of this exercise.The Sub t Plan is based on the principles and objectives of the , which sets out a strategic framework for the future, funding and delivery of transportation throughout the region.

Does the rules and regulation are implemented in the home inspection process ?

Corporate environmental reports have been criticised as being full of meaningless information by .Although the number of environmental reports is increasing, disclosures frequently lack context, and give only parts of a picture.The Commission is to produce a policy paper on environmental issues in financial reporting this year.It concludes that actual costs of recycling per household are home inspection reports lower than current figures suggest, and environmental benefits appear greater than those foror incineration according to Waste Watch.Based on overall costs, the study suggests that doubling current recycling rates to 21% and landfilling the balance would be the best option.

Recycling the same proportion and incinerating the rest comes out slightly less well.The trawl also brings up ‘dead man’s fingers,’ a species of sponge, three butterfish (12.9cm of incredible slipperiness), whelks and mussels.Between trawls and record taking, talk is of elvers at tidal weirs in spring and the recent discovery there of migrating river lampreys.In cold, bad weather this sampling must be arduous work with sloshing water, frozen fingers, little room to manoeuvre, and almost no space for samples.

No point in trawling, breaking the trawl and being unable to complete the work, so two trawl nets are taken.Being shown around the ship (Endrick II is some 26 years old and the last build of an Orkney yard) skipper Hugh Anderson explains there are three satellite navigation systems giving positioning accuracy to 2.5 metres; there are some 120 navigational charts on CD.

Working space is filled with PCs, large water analysis instrumentation, thermometers for depth temperature recording on the side and a narrow stretch of lab bench, scales, flat measure and battered fish identification book.Depending on the work involved there are different grabs, a variety of sieves, five different coils of wire weights.SEPA’s team on board are senior marine biologist Myles O’Reilly and marine biologist Stephen Nowacki.

Does the market situation do effect the prices of house ?

An open section of drain was located beside the sheep dipper at the farm and passed to land adjacent to the tributary of the burn.On 15 February 2001 Corrie Mhor Salmon Ltd was fined £3,000 after pleading guilty to two charges under the Control of Pollution Act 1974 of causing or knowingly permitting trade effluent to enter the Russel Burn.The incidents occurred on 1 and 17 August 2000 at the company’s Russel Burn Hatchery at Kishorn, Ross-shire.New tanks had been built at the hatchery, but the effluent was not connected into the consented outfall pipe at Loch Kishorn.

Corrie Mhor Salmon have indicated to SEPA that they now intend to apply for a new consent under the COPA to include the effluent from the new tanks.On 20 February 2001 at Perth Sheriff Court, swimming pool inspection Archibald MacDiarmid pled guilty to a charge under section 30F(3) of the Control of Pollution Act 1974, as amended.Mr MacDiarmid admitted having caused or knowingly permitted sheepdip to be discharged to the Downie Burn from Locherlur Farm by Crieff via a surface water drain,

between 5 March and 19 May 2000.On 6 March 2001 Barr Ltd pled guilty a charge of causing or knowingly permitting contaminated surface water from their landfill site at Auchencarroch to enter the Blairvault Burn.The incident occurred between 17 and 18 January 1999 after a pump was accidentally left switched on overnight.SEPA is interested to see the initiative by Sainsbury’s to set up the UK’s first truly commercial wind turbine, built without subsidy and producing power with no ‘green’ price premium.

The supermarket chain’s depot at East Kilbride, south of Glasgow, has been chosen as the location for an innovative partnership which will see the erection of a wind turbine.At 40 metres tall with three arms, the turbine will provide an estimated 25 to 40 % of the power the depot needs.In the deal, renewable energy company Next Generation will build, own and operate the turbine as well as bearing the financial cost.In return it will undertake to sell the “Ecotricity” it generates to Sainsbury’s at the going rate for ordinary ‘brown’ power.

What possible careful steps are performed in the home inspection process?

Mold Testing1Opinion poll results and summary of the in house report with quotes from interviewees are enclosed. The Child Trust Fund will be set up for every child born since September 2002 and will give at least £250 to each child, increasing to £500 for the poorest third of children. At the age of 18 the Fund will have accumulated assets and will be accessible to the young person. The Government intends to report on further instalments to the Fund during primary and secondary education. Rightly, the progressive sample home inspection report element will ensure that children from low-income backgrounds receive up to double the minimum amount from the state, with further additions during their school years.

For too long, children from lower income families have been disadvantaged when reaching adult life. The Child Trust Fund will mean at the age of 18 young people, particularly those from low income families, will have access to their fund enabling them to take up opportunities that were previously not available. This is a move in the right direction to put all children, regardless of background, on an equal footing when entering into adult life.

As a children’s charity with over 500 projects and as one of the main providers of Sure Start, NCH welcomes the decision by the Chancellor to undertake a review of the future of childcare and family friendly policies. Many of our project users have difficulty accessing affordable childcare and juggling work with their parenting commitments. It is pleasing that the Government has There has been an alarming increase in the number of babies born to drug using mothers in Scotland in recent years, the leading children’s charity NCH Scotland warns today.

There are now just under 1000 babies a year born to drug using mothers – one in 56 of all births – and the rate almost doubled between 1996-2000 from 9.3 per 1000 births to 17.7. This, together with existing problems such as poverty and family breakdown, means that ever increasing numbers of children in Scotland are being brought up in disadvantaged and often desperate circumstances.

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